West Harp, marked in the map.

West Harp, also known by locals as Oeste de Arpe is a relatively small residential neighbourhood in the Courby district of Warcrest City.

The Sherman Ring Stadium takes up more than half of the neighbourhood, and the other district is home to medium-rise apartment buildings. West Harp is home to the largest immigrant Spanish in Courby.

West Harp shares borders with Fort Blanc to the west, Kobbalt to the north, HJC to the east and Le Sompteux to the south.


Crime, compared to HJC is relatively low, however criminal incidents are reported to take place, especially during the night. Since West Harp is located in close proximity to the affluent Le Sompteux, there is very high police and security patrol. Common crime incidents include mugging, kidnapping, armed robbery, car theft and prostitution.

The East Harp Police Station is the base of the officers stationed in East Harp, though the building itself is located in neighbouring Kobbalt. The Sherman Ring has been subject to a failed terrorist attack in 2006. Many residents were also found in possession of items reported stolen from beachhouses of Le Sompteux.

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