Warcrest City, or simply Warcrest is a major city and the capital of the state of North Virginia. A teeming metropolis with a variety of culture, Warcrest is especially known for it's high crime rate as well as brutal police. The third most popular city in America, Warcrest is a powerful alpha plus city with a significant contribution and impact to the global industries, ranging from commerce to music; movies to software and vehicles to world record setting machines.

Warcrest City consists of 7 main islands and a part of mainland America, each constituting a district of the city. Warcrest has the second highest immigrant population in America, only after Liberty City and before Los Santos. It is a highly densely populated city, as it's overall area is smaller than Liberty City.

The areas constituting Warcrest have been habituated at least since 501 AD by one of the indigenous American tribes. In 1666, after a three month siege, the control of the American city of Krortt passed on to the Spanish colonists, who then renamed it to Nuevo Toledo (New Toledo). After a long battle in 1703, the British colonists gained control of New Toledo, and the city was renamed New Edinburgh. After attaining independece, the city was renamed Warcrest in 1790.