Eastern Flame
Alconbrian nameVistoc Cutar Hevk
PresidentFeliciano Latoya
FounderMaxime Beaton
FoundedSeptember 12, 2011 (2011-09-12)
Headquarters2183 Givsor Plaza,
Antonio Durán Avenue, Carfo
NewspaperHolic Hevk
Membership  (2018)22,000
IdeologyRight-wing populism
Eastern Interests
Pure State Plan
National affiliationForward Alliance
Official colors     Red
Seats in the Léialegis
182 / 690
Seats in Montalvio Statna
157 / 166
Seats in Miazalima Statna
198 / 202
Seats in Ertzia Statna
38 / 61
Seats in Crelateria Statna
100 / 100
Seats in Mendocina Statna
55 / 55
Seats in Nemusio Statna
33 / 88
Party flag

The Vistoc Cutar Hevk (English: Eastern Flame) is a far-right populist political party operating in Eastern Alconbria. Founded in 2011 to oppose the incumbent President of Alconbria, Victor Staurakios; the party grew in an exceptionally strong rate, and formed an alliance with the Alconbria People's Party and the Environmental Party, and is now a part of the APP-led coalition government ruling Alconbria since the 2014 elections.

This Alconbrian nationalist party has been called Alconbria's second most powerful party after its historic win in the 2014 elections, and completely dominates the state parliaments of Crelateria and Mendocina. In 2015, the party merged with the Alconbria People's Party, and as per the merger treaty, APP contests in the eastern states as VCH.