Virgil Nelson Quentins (1914 – 1947) was an American businessman, and was the member of the executive board of the Horen & Goldmann Company from 1945 till his death in 1947.

Virgil served with Ken Goldmann during World War II, and Goldmann hired him directly into the executive board of the company following his takeover of power, acting as one of Goldmann's trusted employees, along with Adam Boyd.

In 1947, Boyd attempted to sell secret portfolios of the Horen & Goldmann Company to one of it's rivals, the Oakley Financial Consulting, Inc.'s executive Lowell Raymond for approximately $10,000. Upon discovering this, Virgil confronted Boyd, who knocked him, and told Ken that it was Virgil who was engaged in treachery, and Ken unknownbest of the real events, told Boyd to finish off Virgil, an order which Boyd finished without protesting.

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