The Vidvfraz pension (English: Widow's Pension) is a monthy pension given to widows of decorated war heros, martyrs and revolutionary politicians given by the Government of Alconbria.

The pension ranges from 100,000 to 500,000 moneros per month. In 2014, over 73 billion moneros were given out as pensions. The Alconbria People's Party have been against the pension, and several members of the party refused the pension.

The pension has also attracted controversy from feminist organizations, as men don't receive the pension when a woman dies for the state. They say that the government blatantly refuses to consider the achievements of great women as 'great'. Several men's rights organization also protested, saying that it is gender inequality that a women gets 500,000 a month while a man gets nothing, even though both of them had lost their loved ones.

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