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Viceroyalty of New Catalonia
Virreinato de Nueva Cataluña
Viceroyalty of Spain
Newcataloniaf.png Hello
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Gvonn
Languages Spanish
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Viceroyalty
 •  1521 – 1556 Charles V
 • 1813 – 1828 Ferdinand VII
 • 1521 – 1569 Tomás Gonzalo de Gálvez (first)
 • 1818 – 1823 Juan Antonio de Velasco (last)
Historical era Colonial era
 •  Viceroyalty created 1521
 • Treaty of Olvez 12 July, 1589
 • Treaty of Alcacer 19 December, 1690
 •  Altivebrian War of Independence 1828
 •  1620 est. 12 million 
Currency Spanish colonial real
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Newcataloniaf.png Governorate of Neuva Catalonia
Altivebrio Altivebrio.png

The Viceroyalty of New Catalonia (Spanish : Nueva Cataluña) was a colonial territory of the Spanish Empire located in Central America, and was the successor of the previous Spanish governorate.

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