"The sworn enemy of the Vagos, the Aztecas is a smaller Mexican gang compared to the others, but they are ruthless and cruel. They control most of the Mexican-American border drugs trade, and certainly won't stop anytime soon. They wear turquoise and will definately kill you if you wear anything green, purple or yellow. They may be small, but they are certainly one of the most equipped."

The Varrios Los Aztecas is a small Mexican-American violent street gang, evolving from Los Santos. They are concentrated around parts of Rancho, and are involved in heavy fighting against the Los Santos Vagos and the African-American street-gang, the Ballas since their formation. In recent years, they've also expanded into the east coast.

The Vagos appear in Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online and GTA V's expansion story.



The Aztecas were initially formed in the 50s around the Mexican-American border. They partook in drug and weapon smuggling, and had various connections with the cartels of South America. They moved to Los Santos sometime in the 1970s, and are often considered one of the newer gangs of Los Santos.

They occupied Rancho, and soon became involved in an all-out war with the other Mexican gang inhibiting Rancho, the Los Santos Vagos. It is assumed that this conflict began sometime in between the early or late 80s. The Aztecas managed to push back the weakened Vagos and at one point controlled the entire district of Rancho, but soon in the late 80s, the Vagos became richer due to the crack epidemic and soon managed to push back the Aztecas to the north. Soon after, the Aztecas began losing territory in Los Santos and by 1998, were restricted to a small part in northern Rancho, which they frequently defend from attacks from both the Vagos and the Ballas.

Losing influence in the city, the Aztecas began looking north into Blaine County to join in the drugs trade.

By the 2010s, the Aztecas of Blaine County, led by Ortega started waging war on Trevor Philips Enterprises, a rival drug dealing company managed by Trevor Philips. The Aztecas also found competition from the newly established chapter of The Lost MC.

In 2013, Trevor killed the Lost MC chapter President Johnny Klebitz and then assaulted the entire Lost in their hideout in Stab City. Seeing this as an invitation to eliminate all competition, Trevor drives to Ortega's trailer and rams it into the water. Ortega pleads in front of Trevor, but ends up getting killed by a psychotic Trevor.

To avenge Ortega's death, the entire Aztecas situated in Blaine County, consisting of 32 gangsters, launch a full-scale attack on Trevor by hitting his meth lab situated in the Liquor Ace bar. Trevor and Chef, however defeated all the Aztecas, eliminating Azteca competition in Blaine County.

After the defeat, the remaining Aztecas in Blaine County eventually spread out in small groups, still taking part in smuggling operations. Trevor Philips still continued to attack them trough air, and stole their shipments through land.

Fearing that they will lose everything in San Andreas, Ignado Carrasco, the leader of the Aztecas decided that the Aztecas should move to the east coast, due to a lack of Mexican competition. Ignado managed to get The Commission in favour of the move, and the Aztecas moved into several residential and industrial buildings in Tudor, Alderney City. However, the Korean Mob and the Hustlers weren't happy about the Aztecas' move and began to wage war with them.

Unlike the west coast, the Aztecas managed to find expansion and progress in East Coast, and by 2016 became one of the big gangs of Alderney City.

In 2016, new Vagos gangster Hector Martinez was asked to kill Bruno Morales, a high ranking Aztecas gangster and steal his car filled with drugs as part of his initiation. Hector was successful, and the death of Bruno severely weakened the Aztecas. The Aztecas hold a funeral for Bruno in the Hill Valley Cemetery in Pacific Bluffs, however Hector Martinez and other Vagos gangster plant a bomb in the coffin, which explodes before being lowered, killing quite some Aztecas gangsters.

Hector, Franco Martinez and some other Vagos gangsters also did a drive-by shooting targeting various Aztecas gangsters, and also set fire to a truck carrying weapons to weaken the Aztecas.

The Aztecas weren't happy with the Kkangpae and Triad expansion in Los Santos, and began attacking them periodically. The Aztecas lost few of their territory to the Triads and the Kkangpae.


  • Los Santos Aztecas - The main set of Aztecas, located in northern Rancho, Los Santos. Heavily armed, they've been defending their small area in Rancho since the 1990s.
  • Alderney City Aztecas - Currently the Aztecas set with the largest city, located in Tudor, Alderney City with business dealings all over the East Coast. Allied to The Commission.
  • Blaine County Aztecas - Smalles Azteca group in terms of members after most were wiped out by Trevor Philips in 2013. Currently a minor group taking part in a few drug smuggling activities, with little to no presence.

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  • Varrios Los Aztecas is misspelled Spanish; meaning 'The Aztec Neighbourhoods'. The correction is that it should be Barrios instead of Varrios, however they both share a similar pronunciation hence the mistake.
  • Aztecas is Spanish for Aztecs, which were an ancient civilization/people that formed the base of Mexican culture/heritage. The Aztecas, like many other Chicanos may believe they are descendants from this indigenous group.
  • The Aztecas do not have their own specific dialogues in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. They used altered Vagos dialogues instead.