Varnava Psikovev

Varnava Nikitovich Psikovev (September 7, 1922 – 26 December 1989) was an Ukranian mobster and a smuggler who co-founded the Moscow Mafiya.

In 1987, Varnava fled from Russia to Mexico to evade arrest on numerous counts of drug and human trafficking. He was killed on 26 December 1989, while attempting to enter America thorough the Mexican-American border.

Varnava was a Red Army soldier during World War II, and was placed in the 6th Shock Army. He was part of the Soviet forces invading Germany during the Battle of Berlin. Just like the other Red Army soldiers, Varnava took part in the mass pillage, rape of German females and theft of property commited by the Russians.

Varnava returned back to Moscow after the end of the war, and was subsequently recruited into the Narodnyi Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del. Varnava joined as a clerk, and soon became an assistant interrogator for notorious Russian interrogator, Konstantin Krurglinov.

Learning advanced interrogation techniques from Konstantin, Varnava fled the Lubyanka Square to Kiev, where he eventually co-founded a bratva with two others.

In 1946, following a famine and poor life conditions for the former soldiers, the bratva relocated to Moscow and began engaging in drug smuggling and weapon smuggling, always on the run from the authoritarian oppressive government.

From the late 1940s till the 1960s the Moscow Mafiya saw limited growth, even well after the death of Joseph Stalin. In 1965, Varnava moved to China to facilitate arms and heroin transactions between the Mafiya and China following the deteriorating Soviet-China relations.

In 1970, Varnava moved back to Moscow, and gave the control of the China operations to his protege, Vladimir Kosygin.

Varanava had two children before 1970, and it was rumored that he was the parent of his third child, a girl born in December 1972.

In 1975, Varnava was wanted for involving himself in a variety of illegal activities. To escape the police, he fled to his native Ukraine in 1976.

In 1978, he went back to Moscow. He was arrested 4 days after his arrival to Moscow after one of his mafiya members revealed themselves to be a KGB spy. He was sentenced to work in a labour camp in Siberia. The Bratva members intercepted the train en route, and took Varnava took a secure location in the Siberian wilderness.

Varnava returned to Moscow in 1980 and surrendered to the police in 1981, and ratted out the information of his fellow gangsters. Almost all of the mobsters of the Moscow Mafiya were arrested, and sentenced to hard labour in the camps. Among the ones arrested was Varnava's own son, Vladimir Psikovev, who committed suicide in a labour camp in two months later. Varnava was given a modest government house in Moscow after he turned states, in which he lived with his two daughters and a government appointed maid. Varnava frequently sexually assaulted both his daughters and the maid, in which he killed two of them and they had to be replaced. Varnava's influence in the crime of the city also began to grow, thanks to his notoriety of being the toughest mob boss in Russia. In one instance, when his elder daugter escaped the apartment to give a complaint to the police, Varnava, two constables and the police inspector took turns in raping her. In 1984, Varnava had both his daughters arrested and moved into a cell in the basement of a building owned by the police. He also resurrected the Moscow Mafiya, this time sponsored by the corrupt city officials. The Mafiya began collecting drugs from Southern Asia and sold them cheaply to the United States, hoping to turn the country into a mess.

Varnava married a government official, and gave birth to a daughter in 1987.

Varnava was later betrayed by the Soviet Government, who thought the drug plan was expensive and pointless thanks to growing tensions in East Europe. Varnava was put into the wanted list, but he managed to escape Moscow and flee to China, and then to Japan from where he flew on a plane to Mexico.

Varnava eventually joined a drug cartel in Mexico, and planned on moving to the USA. Unknownbest to him, the IAA tracked him down and had him eliminated as per Operation 1989.

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