Urve Alcona (born Rela Matrros; 15 November, 1945) is an Alconbrian politician who is the first and current Mayor of Servancia, and the former Mayor of Harfa, Alcacer and Fiero, and a member of the Alconbria People's Party.

Born in 1945, she lost both her parents by the age of 10, and lived with her uncle in Gvonn till 1958, after which she was relocated to a pocilga in Domonstrojes, Altivebrio. At the age of 14, she was abducted by the Altivebrio Defense Forces and was gang raped in a barracks, along with 10 others girls until she was rescued when the Caburez Brigade broke in and raided the barracks, liberating the girls. After her uncles' family, which included a 3 year old were killed by Altivebrian rocket fire in 1959, she joined the Caburez Brigade and worked as a child soldier. Sometime in 1960, she killed a soldier and was arrested and held in the Chocar Prison, where she was periodically tortured and raped by the prison guards. In 1962, she was one of the 2000 freed by the Caburez Brigade during their raid on the prison.

After the La Limpieza ended in 1973, she changed her name to Urve Alcona, destroying previous records of her capture and moved to Justeco, where she worked as a principal of an Alconbrian high school. She married Guillermo Arenas in 1974, and she had her first child Flior Arenas in 1979. She moved to Los Guez and joined the Alconbria Liberation Council in 1984, and worked in the municipal administration of the Territory of Alconbria, and in 1990; became the first Alconbrian Mayor of Fiero, and in 1994 became the Mayor of Harfa, and from 2002 till 2009, was the Mayor of Alcacer.


As mayor, she has deported more than 80,000 Malpuro Alconbrians from Alcacer and Fiero. It was in her term that the 220 acre Harfa Zoo and Aquarium was constructed in Harfa, which was built on land given to the Malpuros by the ALC for settlement. On 29 August, 1998; she ordered the demolition of the 60 storey Telferjes Tower in Harfa, which was given to the families of Malpuro soldiers martyred during the Alconbrian War of Independence. The tenants, which amounted to over 4000 people refused to vacate, and she ordered the building to be demolished with the people inside. With the help of the Military of Alconbria, demolition experts were able to rig the building with explosives, and it imploded, killing nearly all the 4000 inside. Knowing of their death, several Malpuros began to jump out of the building, killing themselves by the fall. Urve ordered those bodies to be turned into fertilizer by Povigi, a chemical company. She also ordered a mass organ harvesting session, in which the organs of the Malpuros were harvested and smuggled into Africa.


When she was the Mayor of Alcacer, she passed an order which allowed Alconbrians to forcibly evict a Malpuro and acquire his property rights without any valid reason. This act was the base of the Property Purchase Act, 2010 passed by Laurel Copete. In 2009, she tourned around the Metsarbarros to oversee the construction of the first settlement city of Servancia. She ordered the Opkerifforse to evacuate the Malpuro towns of M500341, M500342, M500343 and M500834 to build Servancia. Over 50,000 Malpuros were displaced and over 1000 were killed that week. Soon after the innaugeration of Servancia, she ordered the construction of the Shame Arch, which sat on a hill overlooking several Malpuro villages. Bodies of Malpuros killed during the construction was hung in the arch, and she ordered a new body to be put of there every month.

During the 2012 unrest, she lauded the Alconbrian Armed Forces and wrote in social media that she wanted every Malpuro dead. She also ordered the troops to use chemical weapons to remove the 'pests'. In 2015, she was accompanied by a BSF convoy into the village of M523841, and with heavy protection, murdered a Malpuro family of 5. Speaking to the news after, she said that she did it out of boredom.

She married Ativ Dernes, and together they have five children, with each owning property in the Metsarbarros. She has a net worth of 78 million moneros.

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