United Party for Progression
Leader Daniel Rubens
Chairperson Joe Caraoro
Spokesperson Priscila Silva
Deputy Leader Luis Vantesso
Parliament leader Angelo Pestano
General-Secretary Rafael Valdivieso
Founded 2010
Merger of Liberal Party
Maldekstro Party
Headquarters Sede Argento
230, Lanza Avenue, Este Llanura
New Alcacer, Alconbria
Official newspaper Los Unidos
Youth wing Verengido Juneco
Membership (2014) 4,837
Official ideology/
political position
Social liberalism
National affiliation Native Party
Official color(s) Blue

The United Party, officially known as United Party for Progression is a major centre-right political party in Alconbria. The United Party is the major opposition party to the Alconbria People's Party in the Assembléia Legislativa, controlling 36% of the seats, as compared to the APP's 61%.

The United Party was a creation of the merger between the Liberal Party and the Maldekstro Party in 2010. The United Party was briefly in government from February 1, 2011 till 19 December, 2011 with Victor Staurakios as the President of Alconbria and Rafael Fuenmayor as the Prime Minister.

Alconbria's current policies of universal education, universal healthcare, affordable & free education, social equality, liberal conservatism, welfare policies and consumer protection were all idealogies of the United Party and it's predecessors, implemented during the 2008-2009 parliament session.

The United Party holds the governorship of 10 of 26 of Alconbria's states, and has control of parties which have control over 300 conquered territories.

Prominent United Party members include, among others : Umberto Galvarres, Tom Flint, Stephanie Escobar, Eloisa Narváez and Alex Castrillón.

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