—  Metropolitan city  —
From the top: Skyline of Irvid Bay viewed from Aker's Hill, the Jorh'raist, Malnova Erter viewed from the Brooks' Bridge, Nierfar Canals and the view from a pathway to the Jorh'raist.
Nickname(s): Alconbria's Hometown
Country Alconbria Alconbria
State Altas flag Altas
County Unforto
Settled 1442
City 1994
Boroughs 6
 - Torvej Terwuin Alcratz (APP)
 - Deputy Mayor Cyrie Dorfeys (APP)
 - Police Commissioner Rado Mentirosso
 - Total 209.7 sq mi (543 km2)
 - Land 193.4 sq mi (501 km2)
 - Water 16.2 sq mi (42 km2)
Highest elevation 2,044 ft (623 m)
Lowest elevation 15 ft (4.5 m)
Population (2016)
 - Total 562,384
 - Density 2,682.5/sq mi (1,035.7/km2)
 - Alconbrians 97%
 - Latinos 3%
 - Frellists 84%
 - Weros 12%
 - Christians 3%
 - Others 1%
Time zone AST (UTC-5.0)
ZIP code(s) 24500 – 24600
Area code(s) 208
Website unfoto.alc

Unforto (briefly known as Fort Henry) is a historically significant Alconbrian city located in northern-eastern coast of Altas, Alconbria. Founded by the crew and passengers of the The Five Ships in 1442 CE, it is the oldest Alconbrian founded city in Alconbria. Unforto is where Alconbrianism began, and is the holiest city of Frellism.

Located in the bay of the Gulf of Alconbria nearly 50 miles north of Nordahaveno, Unforto flourished from the fifteenth till the late nineteenth century. The city's ports at some point even handled more cargo than the ports of Altivebrio, and served as the capital of Governorate of Alconbria, the historical autonomous region of Altivebrio till the city was ransacked by Altivebrian and Spanish soldiers during the First Altivebrian-Mexican War. The city since then was under Altivebrian control till the Alconbrian War of Independence, in which the Military of Alconbria under Gabriel Inquiso liberated the city in July 1986.

After independence, Unforto underwant rapid urbanization and industrialization, and by the dawn of the 21st century began an imporant commercial and industrial center in Alconbria. Alconbria's first functional commercial airport was constructed in Unforto in 1989. Unforto has ever been the center of education (both lower and higher) in Alconbria, and is also a significant scientific and technological center, and shows exceptional growth in the high-tech industry. It also has a thriving film industry, and more than 80% of Alconbria's feature films and television shows were shot in Unforto. Its cultural and historical heritage has earned it the nickname "Alconbria's Hometown", and the city likewise houses the headquarters of the Worldwide Alconbrians Society, the Alconbrian Valisofremdulez Asocio, the National Cultural Organization & Heritage Alconbria. A survey by the Times of Alconbria ranked it as the fifth best city to live in Alconbria, and also as the second most expensive city in Alconbria.

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