Tyson Normans (born 1977) is an American gangster affiliated with the Biscayne Broz. In 2011, Tyson became a part of the gang's Inner Ring.


Early lifeEdit

Tyson Normans was born sometime in summer 1977 to Terrence Normans's second wife, Glory Black in Pemphists. Andre Normans is Tyson's half-brother. Tyson dropped out of school at the age of 15 after his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had a lot of financial problems.

Tyson moved into Grand Biscayne, Warcrest City so that his father could seek treatment in the hospital nearby. At that time, Tyson and Andre affiliated themselves with the notorious street-gang, Biscayne Broz.

Gangster lifeEdit

The Norman brothers became full-fledged members of the Broz in 1994. Andre was 20, and Tyson was 17. Tyson worked as a drug dealer, along with Tamonte 'Huge T' Sims. Tyson and Tamonte sold drugs in various high-schools posing as students.

Tyson was arrested in 1995 for selling khat in a community college, and served 7 years in prison. In an unrelated incident, Huge T was sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling molly.


Together in jail, Huge T and Tyson formed the prisoner sect of the Biscayne Broz. More than 50 Broz gangsters voluntiarly got themselves jailed to be part of the massive prison gang.

The prison authorities believed Donny Richards to be the leader of the prison sect; but it truth it was jointly managed by Tyson and Tamonte. Tyson earned the nickname 'Krazy T' during his jail sentence.

In 1998, the Biscayne Broz entered in a prison gang war with the Hispanic prison gang; Los Muertos, leading to a massive riot in the Openflower County State Penitentiary. The National Guard were called into suppress the prison riots, which by two days had over hundred deaths. Tyson, Donny and Huge T slipped away during the riots, wearing stolen prison guard uniforms and drove all the way back to Warcrest City in a police cruiser.

This act increased Tyson's reputation and soon became a commanding lead in the Biscayne Broz. gang.

Hardening gang relationsEdit

In 2003, Tyson shot and killed Yan Fanchang, after a drug deal between the Broz. and the Triads went aground.

Fanchang's deputy, Ju-long Biantai unsuccessfully tried to kill Normans a few days later. In retaliation, Normans ordered the Broz. gangsters to burn down Ju-long's house and warehouse. Normans also kidnapped and executed Ju-long's brother, Ju-fong Biantai. The Triads attempted to kill Tyson via a car bomb, but their plan failed and ended up killing Xing, the eldest son of Ju-long; who was kidnapped by Normans a few weeks earlier.

Normans arranged the two gangs to make peace on the condition that the Triads surrender their stockpile of heroin, weighing at least 40 kilograms and the Biscayne Broz. should evacuate Chinatown.

In 2007, Tyson purchased The Penthouse, a strip club in Zenobia. He also forcible acquired several warehouses around Crasigvein to store the contraband belonging to his gang. Sims saw a great deal in acquiring the Northside Projects, and sent a couple of Broz. gangsters to extort the residents into giving up their houses. The residents of Northside eventually formed a vigilante group after the police attempts to stop the Broz. failed. The vigilante gang evolved into the Northside Bangers.

The Bangers attacked the Penthouse in 2008, killing 147. The Penthouse eventually closed down a few days later, and re-opened as the 'Paradise Pub' in 2010. The Broz. reacted by blowing up one of the buildings in the Northside Projects. Ray Wilkinson, the leader of the Bangers was killed in a car explosion the following day, on the orders of Normans.

The two gangs, as of 2016, are still involved have a violent hostile relationship.

Personal lifeEdit

Tyson married Raven Cocsecs in 2000. Raven is two years older than Tyson. They both had a daughter, Alisha in 2001. The couple divorced in 2012.