Trafford James Bronsell (March 19, 1909 – August 28, 1986) was an American company chairman, salt merchant and a politician. Trafford was a part of the Republicists' Party.

Trafford was described as a materialistic boss, who by 1939, owned more than 40 factories in the eastern coast of USA. Trafford avoived conscription and took in-charge in supplying the US Army with ammunition and shells. The very first of USA's tanks were made in Trafford's factories.

Trafford died of a stroke at the age of 77, while visiting one of his factories in Carcer City.


Early lifeEdit

Trafford was born on March 19, 1909 in Toronto, to Arthur Bronsell, Jr. and Katherine Bronsell. Trafford began collecting coins since the age of 4. Trafford is the eldest son of Arthure, making him the brother of Senator Keith Bronsell, Sr., Alice Sherman and Duncan Bronsell.

Arthur moved to Carcer City, USA in 1914, shortly before the start World War I. Trafford attened a private educational institute and showed a great interest in managing factories, and frequented the Patrior Beer factory in Carcer, where his father worked as the plant supervisor.

As a child, Trafford usually initiated for all school events, and surrounded himself with whom he considered 'intellectuals'. Trafford's choice of playing tennis over soccer, or American football constantly got him mocked.

Business venturesEdit

In 1926, Trafford's friend Samuel Peters designed a manually operated pump-action shotgun, the TS-30. Samuel approached Trafford after he was unable to find any company which would use his design.

Arthur, Trafford, Henry & Samuel Peters founded the Carcer Arms Company in 1928 and the mass-production of the TS-30 began in 1929. The TS-30 was commercially successful, and a wider barrelled model with a bigger clip size was released in 1932, called the TS-30B.

Carcer Arms's second weapon, the SMG-9 sold poorly due to the Great Depression, but the TS-30 and TS-30B still sold well, thanks it usage with the law enforcement and as well as being easy to manufacture and usage and it being billed as the weapon of security, following a series of armed robberies in American and Canadian households.

In 1934, the TS-30 and the TS-30B began shipping to international markets, but however failed to meet expectations.

In 1935, the production of weapons was halved, and more than 75% of the workforce was laid off.

Arthur moved to Canada in 1935, leaving all of his company share to Trafford.

As the Depression worsened, Trafford used this an oppurtunity to acquire manufacturing rights to other guns and sell them at an expensive price to warlords, third world armies and foreign police forces. Trafford also sold various gun designs to Russian and German manufacturers.

In 1939, shortly after the Invasion of Poland, Trafford established Trafford Enterprises and created several arms, bombs, armour, military equipment and aircraft manufacturing factories across the USA, hoping that he could sell his products to other concerned European countries, and to the US Military.

Trafford also secretly aided the Germans by providing them with tools, efficient construction blue-prints, drugs and Bronsell also financed various German projects.

World War IIEdit

Trafford Bronsell was against USA from entering the war, and wanted America to maintain peace with Germany.

Trafford used the production of military equipments as an advantage and made materials usually of cheaper materials, while charged a higher subsidization from the US government, pocketing almost all of the government subsidy.

Trafford is also reported to have supported the idea of a fascist America, but he has denied any claims.

The LMG-50, FAR-110 and the Carcer Model 1940 weapons were heavily used by the US Army and Navy. The FAR-110 was also lent to British, and other Allied forces. The Model 1940 was made as the Raschegewehr 39-J by the Germans, and was used by the Axis forces.

Trafford supported the entry of US into the war, and after the success of the Manhattan Project, called for total annihilation of Japan.

Business venturesEdit

In 1943, Bronsell purchased American Cyanide Company from George Walter Jones, and after the war, acquired the Tötung Gift Gesellschaft chemical company, and merged those to create the Writenwright Chemical Company in 1947. Essel Chemicals joined Writenwright in 1947, and it became the world's largest chemical manufacturing company in 1948.

Trafford also acquired several fire arms manufacturing companies in Europe, and moved production to USA, helping in the boom of the American economy after the war, and also made Trafford Enterprises the biggest weapon manufacturing company in the world.

Trafford Bronsell became a millionaire in 1948.

In 1950, he reorganized his companies, creating the Trafford Weapon Company and turning Trafford Enterprises into his parent organization of TWC and the Writenwright Chemical Company.

Writenwright Chemical Company was renamed WC Chem in 1952.

He acquired Mammoth in 1963, and supervised production. Under his ownership, Mammoth was awarded several US Military contracts. In 1981, Mammoth gaind it's first foreign military and contract, and in 1990, had supplied equipment to over 80 countries worldwide.

He also purchased Grainfeld Missile Technologies and Starsbury Defense Research Company and created the Grainstar Missile Company in 1972, and began manufacturing military grade rockets, missiles, explosives and weapons. He acquired an Israeli missile company, Schilgenberg Defense in 1980 and integrated it into Grainstar.

He sold weapons to various insurgent groups all over the world, earning more than $90 million a year, only due to black market weapon and technology sales. He is also said to have helped the Iraqi government in producing chemical weapons.


  • Trafford Bronsell was the first millionaire of the Bronsell family. Trafford officially became a millionaire in 1948.