Tina Ferrnez, c. 2012

Tina Rayo Ferrnez (born 5 July, 1970) is an Alconbrian actress, comedienne and producer who is well known for portraying Delpfo de Oda in the ABC 2 comedy series, Granda Halv, and as Iron Lady in the cinematic adaption of Metalmen.

Born in a pocilaga to Alconbrian parents, Ferrnez grew to despise the cruel Altivebrian regime. She volunteerly served as medic in the Military of Alconbria, against her parent's wishes. She was honorably discharged from duty in 2000, and joined the ABC in 2002. She began her television career by playing as Mrs. Smith in the short lived ABC 3 series, Vivo Hundo (2000 – 2003) for three seasons. She then began acting in government propaganda films.

She then played as a school teacher in the crime drama Sorto de la Plumo (2005 – 2010). She was accepted to act in Granda Halv, after completing auditions. She jointly wrote the character of Delpfo with the director, and the first episode starring her was aired on 2007.

She lives as a couple with Matteo Krepto, one of the directors of Granda Halv in La Fottila.

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