Alconbrian War of Independence
An Altivebrian army tank in Puerto Pedro, c.1988 (top)
Bodies piled up after Bloody Sunday
A checkpost by Arporleber, c. 1989 (down)
Date 12 January, 1984 – 1 April, 2008
(24 years, 2 months, 21 days)
Location Altivebrio and Guatemala
Result ALC victory.
  • Signing of the Gvonn Pact
  • Soverignity of Alconbria recognized by Altivebrio.
Alconbriaold Alconbria

Jpm Joint Protesting Movement
Mexico Mexico (from 1987)
Ussr Soviet Union (1985 – 1991)
Usa USA (from 1991)
Israel Israel (from 1991)
Nicaragua Nicaragua (1995–2002)

Altivebrio Altivebrio
Altivebriodf Altivebrio Defense Forces

Sidano Altivebrian Sidano (1984 only)

Guatemala Guatemala (1989–1993 ; 2007 onwards)
Sovenics Sovenic Partisans Support:

Nicaragua Nicaragua (1984 – 90)
Honduras Honduras
Salvador San Salvador
Usa USA (1985–91)
Israel Israel (1985 – 91)
Germany W. Germany (85–90)
Ussr Soviet Russia (1984–85)

Paul del Santé
Antonio Durán † (1984–1991)
Dario de Ribera
Adolfo Machiavelli
Juan Santos de Vincido
Sebastian Escalona
Servando García Goyena (2005–2008)
Benoit Ramón (2000–2005)
Arnaldo Tremosa† (1995–2000)
Xavi Kohler (1990–1995)
Marcelo Vargas (1985–1990)
Felipe de Curtis † (1984–1985)
Gonzalo Rauzo (1984)
James Gonzalez (2006–2008)
Anton Pikorsa
Angelo de la Pelea† (1984 – 1997)
~1,500,500 at it's peak 2,500,000 at it's peak.
Casualties and losses
1,134,277 killed.
1,183,000 civilians killed.
1,912,384 killed.
100,000 captured.
4,523,845 civilian casualities.
8,753,506 casualities total

The Altivebrian Civil War, known in Alconbria as the Alconbrian War of Independence was an armed conflict between the Union of Altivebrio and the Alconbrian-speaking people of the Territorio del Norte, which had declared themselves the Federal State of Alconbria.

The conflict began shortly after President Felipe de Curtis announced that Alconbrian-speaking people had to pay an inhabiting tax, along with a rise in their income taxes, and later Altivebrio closed it's borders to the Alconbrians, preventing them from seeking refuge in their neighbouring countries, especially Mexico. The situation worsened when the Legiones de Pureza massacred 1,400 Alconbrians in Puerto Pedro on New Years' Day, 1984.

Following the massacre, several guerrila and political separatist organizations united, leading to the formation of the Alconbria Liberation Council led by Major Antonio Durán. The Alconbrian Liberation Council established it's stronghold in the jungle city of Los Guez, and began it's guerilla military campaign on the 12th of January.

The Alconbrian militia easily swept through Territorio del Norte, thanks to the increased Altivebrian military attention to the Altivebrian-Mexican War. After intense fighting for 24 years, more than 70% of Altivebrio's territory came under the Alconbrian Liberation Council's control. In 2006, Alconbria achieved 94% recognition in the United Nations. After the economy of Altibebrio collapsed and various military defeats, President Servando García Goyena brought forward the Witholding Act, 2007 in the Altivebrian Parliament, which was passed with a vote standing of 200-0.

Seperation procedures began in January 2008, though the Altivebrians of would-be Alconbria were deported as early as September 2007. The Gvonn Pact, the treaty which removes all ties with Alconbria and Altivebrio, i.e, the treaty which finalizes the seperation was signed at the Independence Hall, Gvonn, with Paul del Santé representing the ALC and President Goyena representing Altivebrio.

The war tardished Altivebrio's international reputation, as it began persecuting Alconbrians shortly after the fighting began. The Altivebrian governemtn held Alconbrians hostage, requesting the surrender of the ALC. More than 900,000 Alconbrians civilians were killed, compared to 523,585 Altivebrian civilian casualities during the war.

The causalities of the war is reported to be ~8,753,506.


Territorial control (1985 - 2008)

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