The San Andreas Connection is the second and final downloadable episodic content pack for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

The San Andreas Connection takes place three years after the events of Grand Theft Auto V, and a couple of month after the events of South Los Santos Stories.

Plot OverviewEdit

Please note that the plot is underconstruction and might be changed.

Alexander Osbourne, a rebellions trouble-maker relocates to Los Santos to start a new life as an hired gun. He is employed by a mysterious businessman to kill the 'world's most dangerous man'.

John Sterling retired from the hitman game quite early to spend some time with his newly married wife and child, however discovers that his family was kidnapped and are being held hostage by a kin of one of his old targets. Using all he's got, he sets to solve the complex 'challenges' set by the kidnappers to help his family to see light.

Alex and John cross paths in the enlightening city of San Fierro; where they both discover that they were both being played by the same person, a charismatic sociopathic entrepreneur and millionaire, Bryan Mercer. The duo then team up to take out their targets, Mercer, Darius Hunter and Silvestre Madrazo.


  • Alexander Osbourne - A young energetic kid who has a problem obeying the authority. After getting sacked from his job, he moves to Los Santos to plunge into the world of crime.
  • John Sterling - Mid 30s, ruthless killer with a soft spot- his family. Retires from the game quite early to spend time with his family, only to be immediately get dragged back into it, the reason being - his family.
  • Bryan Mercer - On the eyes of the public, a humanitarian, a philanthropist and a CEO of a corporation. In reality, a sociopathic and nihilist boss of a criminal organization with the goal attaining wealth, while destroying the wealth of others. Has controls over the governement, as well as the military.
  • Darius Hunter - Only lives to kill John Sterling. Former US Navy Seal, a man who perfected weaponry, melee and combat and has connections to the Pavanos and the Praeda Corporation. Joins with Mercer to take down his prime target.
  • Silvestre Madrazo - Son of the deceased Mexican cartel leader, Martin Madrazo. Brings out his entire cartel force out of Southern America to find and execute Alex Osbourne. A drug addict with psychotic episodes, a totally unpredictable, fearless and ruthless killer with no value for life besides his.
  • Detective Dean Powell - Police officer who is on the case of John Sterling. Forced to protect him from Mercer's goons as he wants him alive for questioning.
  • Nicholas Foerster - Left-hand man of Bryan Mercer. Knows the law like the back of his hand, and can manipulate and abuse it. Central power source of Mercer.
  • Sieghard von Stutzer & Wolfgang von Stutzer - The fierce right-hand men of Mercer. Their policy is 'Kill First, No Questions'. Top members of the German Special Forces, handpicked by Mercer and brought to America. Visa states that they work as truck drivers, but the only thing they drive is over people.
  • Darren Stocks - A lower middle class blue collar worker, alcohol addict and Alexander's childhood friend. Killed by Madrazo's men in the end of the story.
  • Adrian McKinly - Born George Mercer, Adrian is a professional robber who is credited in behing the mastermind of the The Las Venturas heist, in which he and his team of six simultaneously stole $2.8 billion from CityBank and the The Imperial Dragons' Casino. Assassinated by John Sterling a few months prior to the events of the story. Frequently mentioned by his brother, Bryan Mercer.
  • Martin Madrazo - Mexican drug cartel leader, 'legitimate' businessman and the father of Silvestre. Killed by Alex Osbourne.

Radio StationsEdit

  • Classic Rock Station - Classic Rock
  • Funk It FM - Funk
  • HighTide FM 103.2 - Synthwave and New Wave
  • East Coast Classics - East Coast Hip-hop
  • Herr Queen FM - Britpop and Alternative Rock
  • The Dance FM - Dancehall and Dub
  • Cafe 97.2 - Hipster pop
  • Saints Public Radio - Liberal public talk radio.
  • Unknown - Pirate radio transmitting undecipherable signals (can be turned off in settings)



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