The Families is a large African-American street gang based in Los Santos. The Families maintain a traditional bloody rivalry with the other Los Santos African-American street gang, the Ballas. The Families appear in Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online and South Los Santos Stories.

Their signature green attire comes from support of the colours of the Los Santos Corkers Baseball Team and the Feud Baseball Team, as well as the San Andreas Magnetics as seen by Lamar's general attires, also it is highly possible that they support Dust Devils Hockey Team due to the Davis Neighborhood Families members wearing attire with their logo.



The Families is described as the oldest street gang in Los Santos, hinting that it might have been formed earlier than the Ballas, putting it's time of creating sometime before mid 1970s, possibly in the 1960s.

The Families gang originated from Chamberlain Hills, but since then has occupied parts of Strawberry and Rancho.

Since the formation of the Ballas, these two gangs have been involved in a nasty rivalry. It is assumped that this rivalry started sometime in the 1970s, as the Ballas began their gangbanging activities in the early 70s. These two gangs fought a brutal war, which heightened during the crack epidemic of the late 80s and the early 90s. Both gangs suffered a lot from gang related violences in the early and mid 90s.

At some point in time, the Families expanded to Grove Street in Davis, establishing a new set called 'Grove Street Families'. However after the onset of the nineties, many gangsters of the Grove Street set left the gangbanging life-style, some began a career in music, while others opted for a honest living. As a result, the Grove Street Families' strength severely weakened, enabling the Ballas to overpower them and defeat them to occupy Grove Street. Grove Street still remains as a territory of the Ballas.

Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis presumably joined the gang sometime in the early 00s, a time where gang violence had gradually decreased, as compared to the figures during the crack epidemic.

Lamar Davis welcomed a new mercenary into town, and introduced them to Families gangster Gerald, who specialized in drug trades. The mercenary then began doing jobs for both Lamar and Gerald. At the same time, the Families began dealing with Blaine County based drug supplier, Trevor Philips and his company, Trevor Philips Industries.

Lamar used the mercenary to break the peace between the Ballas and various other gangs, including the Los Santos Vagos and Varrios Los Aztecas. The mercenary also busted Gerald out, after he was sentenced to be airlifted outside the state after a lowrider deal with Korean businessmen went wrong.

Sometime prior to 2013, the Ballas and Families limited their fighting and signs of peace started to occur. But Families gangster Lamar Davis and his friend, former gangster Franklin Clinton kidnap Ballas OG D to earn some cash. Their plans did not have to do anything with the Families or the Ballas. After a chase through western Los Santos, the Families gangsters are successful in capturing the Ballas OG; but they are forced to let him go after Lamar makes a phone call demanding money, possibly revealing their location to the Federal Investigation Bureau.

Enraged and humiliated, D invites fellow prison inmate and Families OG Stretch for a meet-up in an abandoned factory in La Puerta. As expected, Stretch bought Lamar and Franklin along with him. Just in case, they all stopped and armed themselves on the way. The meeting was actually an ambush set up by D to kill Lamar and Franklin. After finding this, Stretch kills D. The greens then escape the factory by killing all the Ballas on their way out, dealing a strong blow to the Ballas force and reigniting the Ballas-Families war.

Even though the gangs resumed fighting, Stretch then sent Lamar to do a drug deal with the Ballas in Grove Street. Lamar, then bought his dog, Chop and Franklin with him. Franklin's new friend, Trevor Philips also accompanied them. In Grove Street, the deal initially went smooth, but Trevor stepped in and discovered that the Ballas were cheating them by selling very less drugs as a large brick. This results in another fight in Grove Street. The three shoot everyone and escape via the sewers to evade the cops. Rapper MC Clip was killed in the cross fire while shooting his new music video.


Davis Neighborhood Families gangsters hanging out.

In an attempt to take revenge on the Families again, the Ballas use Stretch to tell Lamar that he should come to the Paleto sawmill alone for another drug deal. The Ballas take Lamar hostage as soon as he arrives. Franklin and two of his new accomplices later bust out Lamar and kill the Ballas in the saw mill.

At this point, Franklin is given a choice of killing his mentor Michael De Santa, or kill Trevor Philips or take a deathwish. If Franklin chooses to kill Trevor, or Michael, the Ballas become powerful and start looking for Lamar Davis to kill him. This results in Lamar hiding all day. If Franklin takes a deathwish, at one point, he sends Michael De Santa to kill Stretch. After Michael kills Stretch, Lamar realizes that Franklin was right about Stretch and says that he'll focus more on the gang-life. It is unknown which ending is canon.

The Families are still in war with the Ballas in 2016. Their territories remain unchanged since 2013. Vagos gangster Hector Martinez and his partner steal two gang cars belonging to the Families in 2016. Later on, Hector and Franco Martinez kill a Families informant. Franco also kidnapped Families gangster Vernon for ransom money.

To seek peace, Hector is told by the Families gangsters to steal some vehicles being shuttled through town. He is successful, and the Families and the Vagos agree to do a heavy money drug deal.

The Families gangsters and Vagos do a drug deal in the mountains outside Los Santos. Nearly all other gangs in the state attempt to interrupt it and make away with the drugs and the money. The Vagos easily sell the drugs and safely escape all other gangs with the money. The Families had to abandon half of the drugs to escape.

The Families also declared war on the Kkangpae and the Los Santos Triads.

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  • The Families is meant to resemble the gang Grove Street Families from the 2004 game, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
  • Many people believe the Families are based on the Bloods, due to their initial occupation of Grove Street's cul-de-sac (in which it is based on Spruce Street). However, this isn't the case in Grand Theft Auto V. There is no real evidence in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that Families were based on Crips; Ballas probably were as they access an animation where they throw up C's, and Families occupy Spruce Street's equivalent. They may have "flip-flopped" the details and traits for Grand Theft Auto V.