Territory of Alconbria
Teritorio de Alconbria
Unrecognized state


Laŭdi la Nekredebla Lando, cxar alie mi vin neniigita
Capital Los Guez (till 1992)
Gvonn (till 2004)
New Alcacer (since 2004)
Languages Alconbrian
Religion Secular
Demonym Alconbrian
Government Dictatorship
 •  1984 – 1991 Antonio Durán
 • 1991 – 2008 Paul del Santé
Legislature Assembléia Legislativa
Historical era Altivebrian Civil War
 •  Battle of Los Guez 1984
 • Soverignity dispute with Altivebrio 1984 – 2007
 •  Gvonn Pact 2008
 •  1999 128,564 km² (49,639 sq mi)
 •  1999 est. 10,847,572 
     Density 84.4 /km²  (218.5 /sq mi)
Currency Altivebrian lempira
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Altivebrio.png Altivebrio
Sidano.png Altivebrian Sidano
Guatemala.png Guatemala
Alconbria Alconbria.png
Altivebrio Altivebrio.png

Territory of Alconbria refers to the self-proclaimed soverign state in Central America governed by the Alconbria Liberation Council. The areas of this state were under Alconbrian military control, and the lands were annexed from Altivebrio, Altivebrian Sidano and Guatemala during the Altivebrian Civil War. Neither of the countries acknowledge the existance of the Alconbrian state, but had no military presence in the area.

After the Gvonn Pact concluded the Civil War, Altivebrio recognized the newly formed Federal State of Alconbria which was headed by Paul del Santé.