Tapio Nopeus Manning, also known as Thaddeus Fletcher (born 1988) is a former operative of the Finnish Utti Jaeger Regiment and is presently a contract killer based out of Warcrest City.


Early LifeEdit

Tapio is the illegitimate son of Helge, a Norwegian Intelligence Service operative and a Finnish actress. Tapio was born on May 2, 1988, two months after Helge left his pregnant partner after his cover as a mob henchman was blown. The same mob's mobsters killed Tapio's mother three weeks after he was born after discovering that she had a relationship with a Norwegian secret agent.

Tapio was put to adoption, and was subsequently adopted by Joel Manning, a Finnish school teacher. Tapio lived in Tampere during his childhood and teenage years. Even though he fared well in school, Tapio had an interest to work in the army, or in a secret intelligence group like his biological father, an idea which his adoptive father opposed.

Career in Finnish Special forcesEdit

Tapio dropped out of college and joined the Finnish Special Forces, in and by 2009 found himself working as part of the Utti Jaeger Regiment.

Tapio had a great disciple record, however he was constantly made fun of his half Norwegian ancestry. Tapio was also disappointed about his salary, and was eventually fed up of the Finnish special forces.

In October 2, 2011, Tapio murdered 5 fellow Utti Jaeger operatives and fled his camp. Now a wanted man in Finland, Tapio fled to United Kingdom. Even though he had all travel documents and baggage, Tapio was unable to find a job in the United Kingdom.

Contract killingEdit

Tapio's first option was turning towards house breaking. He crept into an old pensioner's house, strangled him to death and escaped with £30,500.

Tapio became a successful robber, but had trouble protecting himself and the money from the cops. Worried, he checked in into a pub in the outskirts of Manchester. There, he met Gerald Odin, a merceneray who instructed him to join a gang of killers run by Raymond Thornton.

After completing an initiation assassination for Raymond, Tapio joined Raymond's establishment. His cover job was as a bartender at a nightclub owned by Raymond. As promised, Tapio was given appropriate lodging and money to buy his equipment.


Moving to USAEdit


In 2016, an unknown powerful individual tasked Tapio of assassinating a medical scientist who had recently discovered the cure of a deadly disease. Tapio found the doctor to be living in suburban Warcrest City and broke into the house at night, and killed all of the family members before going to the doctor's bedroom. However, all he found was a human sized doll lying instead of the scientist. Tapio reported his mission failure after he escaped the neighbourhood.