Tabassum lighthouse

The Tabassum Lighthouse, before it's demolition.


Tabassum Island

Tabassum Island, unofficially known as the Lighthouse Island is a small island located in Warcrest City located in between Crasigvein and Airport Island. Officially, the island is part of Crasigvein district, but the island's control rests in the hands of the government.


Tabassum Island wasn't inhabited until 1674. A small fishing village soon thrived, until the residents were forced to clear way for a hospital.

Tabassum Island was home to a colonial hospital run by the Spanish colonials which was established in 1698. In 1703, the hospital was demolished and a naval fort, Fort Vulture was constructed. Fort Vulture was destroyed by French and Colonial American forces in 1780.

Subsequently, a tall lighthouse in 1788 was constructed to improve the trade routes in the area. The lighthouse was demolished, and a much larger lighthouse was constructed in 1875.

After the popularity of global positioning systems and the construction of the Foley-Lincoln Bridge, the lighthouse was rendered obsolete.

In 1900, the island became the property of the federal government. The lighthouse was demolished on September 23, 1988.

Federal PenitentiaryEdit

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There are rumors of a maximum security high level federal penitentiary/correctional facility existing in Tabassum Island. The prison is said to be located in the underground of the island. None of the governing bodies, including the NOOSE, FIB, or the Federal Bureau of Prisons, or the Department of Justice have acknowledged the existence of such prisons in the said island.

Till 1962, Tabassum Island was completely restricted, and was a no-fly zone and it's waters were strictly patrolled by the US Coast Guard. Conspiracy theorists have used this for the existence of a federal high level prison.

Historians reported construction activity in Tabassum Island at least since 1904. Fishermen noted several government ships, as well as unregistered ships frequenting the island by 1910.

Irwing Bronson, mayor of Warcrest City in 1911 admitted that the military is building an airfield in Tabassum Island, and said that it will be finished by the following year (1912).