Swisna del Santé, 2016.

Swisna del Santé (born 29 September, 1920) was the wife of the first President of Alconbria Paul del Santé, making her the first official First Lady of Alconbria from 2008 till her husband's death in 2011.

Swisna was born in Mexican-occupied North Gorel, shortly after the Second Altivebrian-Mexican War ended. She moved to the United States of America when she was a child, and met Paul del Santé during his visit to New York City during World War II. They both married in 1940, and she moved to Gvonn, Altivebrio, and worked as an ambulance driver during the Second Altivebrian Civil War for the Altivebrio Defense Forces. She joined the Alconbria Party along with her husband, and was imprisoned in a pocilga from 1955 till 1963, when she was later deported back to the United States.

She returned to the Territory of Alconbria in 1984, and became the second First Lady of the Territory in 1991, following Antonio Durán's death. On 5 August, 2008; she formally took position as the First Lady of Alconbria. She left the Aulo Esmiene and moved to Rivez Yer in 2011, nearly two weeks after her husband, and the couple lived together his final days. After Paul del Santé's death, she continued to live in Rivez Yer. In 2015, she moved to her plantation in Santa Catarina, but relocated back to Rivez Yer after unsuitable living conditions.

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