Susana Montejo (born 3 June, 1980) is an Alconbrian politician, who is the nation's first Minister for Industry, holding the office for two terms beginning from 2008. She is well known for her anti-trust policies and economic liberalism, which has widely influenced both the Ministry of Industries, as well as the Ministry for Economy of Alconbria.

She was born on 3 June, 1980 in Puerto de la Libertad, Altivebrio to Reinker Montejo and Luciana Montejo, two prominent businesspeople who were also senior funders of the Organizo Rezizto el Alconbria. She graduated with a bachelors in engineering, and got a masters in industry management from Switzerland.


She has served as the Chairperson of the Labour Council since 2003, and was the member of the team which created the Immigratripisto Scheme in 2004. She passed the controversial Work Regulation Act in 2009, which increased the work hours to 13 hours per day. The Act was amended in a few months, with the work week changing to 12 hours and increased the annual holidays. In 2010, she was arrested for a possessing a firearm without a license, but did not face imprisonment since Cabinet Ministers can't be arrested. In 2010, she approved building over 1000 square kilometers of industries, factories and three power plants in several metsabarros. Several thousands of the inhabitants were forcibly evacuated by the Opkerifforse and the Border Security Force, and were moved into overcrowded shelters, while several others were left homeless in the forests, and the other were imprisoned without trial. Members of the Native Party heavily criticized her plan, and submitted a petition to the Supreme Court calling to prevent the move from taking effect, and called for Susana's resignation. In response, Montejo told the Native Party parliamentarians to fuck off, and that they should have been her slaves instead of sitting in the parliament. She was banned from attending five more parliamentary sessions, but the Supreme Court did not stop her industrialization plans.

She was placed as a suspect for the murder of Native Party member of parliament, R'inktan Iltvaz in 2012. A 50 second long CCTV footage emerged, showing her shooting and killing Iltvaz by firing seven bullets into his body in cold blood. Three bullets hit his head, two in his body, one in his neck and one in his knee. According to an annonymous personal bodyguard of Susana, he was ordered to dispose the body and it was covered up as homicide by some Mayan goons in Iltvaz's hometown. The judiciary declared the video as forged, and Susana was declared not guilty. Later in an interiview in 2015, she said "I did fire six or seven shots into that asshole. Serves that dog right. Stupid prick thinks that he's got the better of me. Fuck him, and fuck his family. I am waiting for the day in which the disgusting scum living in the south lose the rights the liberals' are providing them with."

She is one of the few ministers of the Cabinet of Alconbria who didn't take party in the Altivebrian Civil War. She is a member of the Alconbria People's Party, which she joined in 2010, after leaving the Environmental Party.

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