Stephanie Bronsell (born 1935) is an American businesswoman and media magnate who is the chairman of the United Broadcasting Corporation and the president of Werner Brothers Company. She is a member of the Bronsell family through her marriage to Lewis Bronsell.

Being the head of the UBC and Werner Brothers, she controls a almost half of the American multi-media, and the other half is controlled by her cousin-in-law, Jeffrey Bronsell.

As of 2010, her net worth is estimated to be around $20.5 billion, however this is well known to be an underestimation, as the Bronsell family are notorious for being secretive about their net worth and for having false tax records.

In 1980, she founded the Supercherie Charity Foundation, a charity fund and foundation. As of 2010, she had donated over $90 million in charity.

She gave birth to her only son, Daniel Bronsell in 1957. She was ranked first in Money Maker's 100 Most Influential Women list.

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