The Sovenic partisans were members of resistance movements that fought a guerrilla war against the Military of Alconbria in ALC-occupied territories in Altivebrio during the Alconbrian War of Independence.

The partisan movement was started by Angelo de la Pelea, and was led by Anton Pikorsa after de la Pelea's death in 1997. The partisans were provided military and financial aid by the Altivebrio Defense Forces, and Pikorsa also served as one of the ADF's generals after the war ended in 2008.

As of 2000, the Sovenic Partisans had over 12,000 members, with 1,000 of them being aged below 18 and 3,000 of them were women.

On 19 September, 1993 more than 400 partisans were murdered by the ALC as per Operation Furade. In retaliation, the Sovenic partisans stabbed and killed an Alconbrian family of 5 on 24 September of that year.

Altivebrian President Servando Garcia Goyena ordered the Sovenic Partisans to disband as per the first charter of the Gvonn Pact. As per Pikorsa, two-thirds of the group were removed following the third wave of peace talks. After Alconbria's recognized independence, he officially dissolved the partisan groups.

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