Sofia Qrevsa Cruz (born 6 December, 1995) is an Alconbrian politician, actress, model and author who is the country's first Minister of Tourism, assuming office in 2015. She is a member of the Alconbria People's Party.

Cruz was born to Dan Cruz and Helavia Lifelte in Gvonn, and studied modelling at the Gvonn Arts School. In 2014, she joined the Alconbria People's Party, and Augustin Voimer appointed her as the Minister of Tourism.

She launched the Alconbria Almighty! tourism campaign, which was proven to be highly successful, increasing the annual rate of tourist visits in Alconbria by at least 200%. Cruz, in collaboration with an unspecified government agency created the Bezug Plan; which was a deep psychological manipulation and subtle advertising tactic which made potential tourists think that Alconbria is the only decent country to visit in Central & Southern America, and all the rest are abominable places. She has received acclaim for the plan, which significantly boosted Alconbria's tourism rate.


She launched the Hunting Festival in 2015, which allowed Alconbrians to visit the Metsarbarros, and shoot and kill the Malpuro Alconbrians.

In 2017, she married businessman Amancio Ronaldo.

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