A Sklori is a Malpuro Alconbrian who is forced to work as a domestic helper in Alconbrian homes, in a system practically similar to slavery.

According to the Constitution of Alconbria, the wages of the sklori has to be payed by the employer, and according to the Malpuro Rights Watch, almost none of the Alconbrian employers pay their skloris. The Contract Jesiniu Sklori has provisions which prevent Alconbrians from holding sklori's against their will, prohibits violence against skloris, retaining their various ID Cards, denial of adequeate healthcare and a maximum of 80 working hours per week, among others. All of these provisions, which safeguard the human rights of skloris, are routinely violated by the Alconbrian sklori owners, and are payed no attention to by the police and the law.

According the the MRW, skloris are routinely shackled and chained, are savagely beaten and tortured every day, are forced to undergo several humiliating punishments; have their salaries, holidays, sick leaves and rest hours witheld, are forced to work for more than 140 hours a week, face physical and sexual assault from owners, have no labour laws protecting them, get mutilated and amputated, and are treated as property rather than other human beings. Neither the police or the courts find any Alconbrian guilty of sklori abuse, and complaining against their owners results in imprisonment, isolation, deportation or at times, even execution of the sklori.


Valisklorin refers to Alconbrian domestic workers who are not Malpuro Alconbrians. They come from a wide variety of countries, but most of them are from Africa, South and South-East Asia. According to the MRW, they undergo the same torture as normal skloris.

There are cases of employers delibrating destroying the passports and IDs of the valiskloris, and then handing them over to the Valis Garantii, who use them for a variety of purposes.