Siegfried Ernst von Gutenberg (born 29 August, 1980) is a German-Alconbrian politician who became the sixth and current President of Alconbria, taking oath on 24 July, 2029.

Born in Nuremberg, Germany to parents who were industrialists, Siegfried was educated in business administration, foreign relations and political sciences, before immigrating to Alconbria in 2015. He was part of the United Party for Progression, but moved to the Alconbria People's Party after conflicting ideologies.

After Augustin Voimer's resignation on 19 July, 2029, nationwide elections were held, in which Gutenberg defeated UPP candidate Giur Rolvenz by winning 81% of the popular vote, and took office as the President of Alconbria on 24 July, 2029.

Gutenberg married Felda Kramer in 2016, and they both have one child - Lerich von Gutenberg.

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