Shit Party
Shito Party
French nameLa Parte la merde
LeaderShitface Shitter
ChairpersonShitshit Man
PresidentShitface Cuntsucker
Secretary-GeneralCockshake Dickbob
SpokespersonPrecum Cummings
FounderToiletface McShit
Shit PickerBrownstrak Mastershit
SloganWe like shit, we are shit.
FoundedMay 16, 1948; 69 years ago (1948-05-16)
DissolvedJune 9, 2000 (2000-06-09)
Merger ofShitshitshitshit Yo Mama Party
Split fromToiletshit party
Preceded bySupershit Association
Merged intoNew Shit America
Succeeded byWho cares?
HeadquartersYour Toilet, Your House
NewspaperThe Shitting Time
Student wingHow to Shit? Federation
Youth wingChild Shitters
Shit ClubCrapface Crap Club
Membership  (2000)696969696969
National affiliationShit
International affiliationShit
European affiliationShit
European Parliament GroupShit
Official colorsBrown
Seats in yo mama'a ass
69 / 100
Election symbol
Politics of USA
Political parties

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