Servando Goyena, c. 2013

Servando García Goyena (born 2 October, 1959) was an Altivebrian politician who the last President of Altivebrio, from 2005 till the country's annexation in 2014, and also served as the Vice President of Altivebrio from 2000 till 2005, under the presidency of Benoit Ramón.

He was elected Vice-President in 2000, succeeding Republican Maria de Curtis. As Vice-President, he largely focused on domestic issues till 2004, after which he took care of international affairs and served as Altivebrio's ambassador to the United Nations, after the previous position holder Jayco Santiago Henrez was killed by the Military of Alconbria in 2004. He negotiated the 2004 Altivebrio-Alconbria mass prisoner exchange programs, and compelled Paul del Santé to release 900 Altivebrian prisoners in exchange for 400 Alconbrians, which included capture military generals and foreign aid workers.

He was elected President in 2005, after successfully completing his term as Vice President. He officially ended Altivebrio's offensive programs, though he received much scrutiny from the military generals and the general public. In 2007, he, under instruction from the parliament accepted the defeat of the government in the Third Altivebrian Civil War, and the negotiations for peace began. He signed the Gvonn Pact on 4 November, 2007; ending the war and the separation procedures began.

He appealed to the legislature for an extension in his Presidency to repair the damage done in his country, which he was granted. He served as President, having good relations with the newly formed Alconbria.

He was captured by the Alconbrian Armed Forces after the fall of Altivebrio during the 2014 War in Central America, and was sentenced to life imprisonment, and is current jailed at a secure location.

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