Second Altivebrian Civil War
Part of World War II
Esteban Cárdeno and Miguel de Odeo parade through Nuevo Seville after the Instrument of Surrender was signed on 1 December, 1946.
Date 5 March 1945 – 1 December, 1946
(1 year, 8 months, 26 days )
Location Altivebrio
Result Fall of the Fascist government
Altivebrio Alianza Democrática

Other rebels

Altivebrioww2 Fascist Altivebrio
Esteban Cárdeno
Miguel de Odeo
Carlos Perales
Enrico Morales
Bartolomé Tirano
Mijien Caher
Gregorio Torres
José Manuel Peleo
580,000 soldiers 348,000 soldiers
Casualties and losses
485,845 killed 300,588 killed

The Second Altivebrian Civil War, also known as the Third Altivebrian War was an armed conflict initiated by the Allies-supported Altivebrio Defense Forces to overthrow the authoritarian regime of Bartolomé Tirano.