The Right Honourable
Rosario Mentiroso

Rosario Mentiroso, during Tago de Libereco, 2009.

Minister of Finance
Assumed office 
3 April, 2008
Deputy Marco Iglesias
President Paul del Santé
Victor Staurakios
Ernesto Titeriez
Adolfo Machiavelli
Augustin Voimer
Prime Minister Adolfo Machiavelli
Joseph Allende
Rafael Fuenmayor
Joseph Allende

Minister of Banking & Insurance
Assumed office
19 December, 2011
Deputy Marco Iglesias
President Ernesto Titeriez
Adolfo Machiavelli
Augustin Voimer
Prime Minister Joseph Allende
Preceded by Viktor Montessio
Born (1970-11-10) November 10, 1970 (age 47)
Stirling, Scotland
Nationality Scottish-Alconbrian
Political party Alconbria People's Party
Spouse Iha Mentiroso
Children 2
Residence New Alcacer
Profession Chartered accountant and financial analyst

Rosario Juan Miguel Mentiroso (born 10 September, 1970) is an Alconbrian finance analyst and chartered accountant who is the country's first Minister of Finance, and the third Minister of Banking & Insurance, assuming office of the former in 2008 and the latter on December 2011.

Born to an Alconbrian family in Scotland, Mentiroso is an University of Edinburgh graduate. He campaigned for Alconbrian independence since childhood, and wrote articles during his early teens were well received internationally. While on a AVA meeting in 2002, he met Gabriel Inquiso, who impressed with Mentiroso's intellect invited him to manage the finance of the Territory of Alconbria after Lautaro Miedo died five months prior.

Mentiroso arrived in the Territory of Alconbria shortly afterwards, and worked in the Finance Department for a year before taking charge as the head of the Finance Department in 2004. His gifted intellect was widely praised by his colleagues. After the Third Altivebrian Civil War was over, and the Federal State of Alconbria was formed in 2008; Paul del Santé's team appointed Mentiroso as the Minister of Finance.

Mentiroso has one of the highest public ratings of a Cabinet member, all thanks to his highly advanced and skilled economic, monetary and financial policies. He drastically improved the Alconbrian economy, making it one of the world's most economically powerful, as well as self-reliant countries.

Rosario married Iha Drecswer, another Scottish-Alconbrian in 1995. She, along with him and their children moved to Territory of Alconbria in 2002.