Ronald Durant Bronsell, also known as Ronnie Bronsell (born March 22, 1972) is an American heir, businessman, entrepreneur and celebrity well known for becoming the CEO of Praeda Security at the age of 19 following the death of his father, Keith Bronsell, Jr.

Ronald Bronsell also founded Bergamo Diamonds, a diamond & gold mining company currently in trial for selling conflict and blood diamonds and inhumane labour conditions.

Ronnie Bronsell is described as living the glamorous lifestyle dream, and is frequently followed by the worldwide press.

As of 2016, Ronnie Bronsell's net worth is $73.2 billion.


Early lifeEdit

Ronald Durant Bronsell was born on 22nd March, 1972 while his parents, Keith Bronsell Jr. and Joanne Bronsell were holidaying in Monte Carlo, Monaco. He was named after one of Keith's childhood friends. Ronald's middle name, Durant comes from Durant Hoggins, an investment banker and the mentor of Keith.

Ronald was 9 years old when his parents divorced. Though he wished to do so, he was prevented from seeing his biological mother. Nearly two months after the divorce, Ronald's father married Susan Bronsell. Ronald initially refused to speak to his step-mother, and still, as of 1995; they both had a troubled relationship.

Ronald studied in prestigious institutions through-out his life. He dropped out of Kale University to officially assume his position as the CEO of Praeda Corporation, and later the The Pleasant Life Corporation.

CEO of PraedaEdit

Ronald, who had no experience in military organisation or corporate management was forced to take up the job of the CEO after the disappearance of his father. Jack Nigaud, one of the executive board members of Praeda and a friend of Keith acted as the mentor of Ronald, coaching him about business tactics and ethics during the two years where he served as the de jure CEO from 1989 till 1991.

While Keith opposed Praeda to involve itself in to intermediate in any conflicts in the Middle East, under Ronald's orders three battalions of Praeda soldiers were deployed in the Middle East. Further battalions were called out to provide security to Israel and Bahrain. Iraqi forces destroyed various Praeda weapon stockpiles, causing a significant amount of Israeli civilian deaths.

He officially took post on 4th February, 1991; when he 19 years old. General Cedric Mills opposed various of Nigaud's business decisions and was ousted out of the board, and was replaced by former Major General Rudolf Heywood.

Over the course of years, anyone who opposed Nigaud in the company's board were immediately sacked without pension.

Business venturesEdit