Ricardo Tapiz y de la Rosa (May 10, 1992 – 2016, died aged 24) was a Mexican-American gangster and a member of the Los Santos Vagos. Ricardo was close friend and ally of Hector Martinez, a fellow gangster.


Early lifeEdit

Ricardo was born in the tenth of May, 1992 to Ernesto González and Violeta Tapiz. Ernesto was a Spanish businessman and a high ranking member of the Gutierrez Cartel, who fell in love with Violeta Tapiz, a 17 year old stripper in Vice City. A year after Ricardo González's birth, Ernesto left Violeta when she was pregnant with her second child.

Subsequently, Ricardo's mother suffered from depression and began taking recreational drugs such as crack cocaine, heroin and various anti-depressants. The situation was further complicated when Violeta was denied permission to continue working due to her drug addiction, and she and Ricardo moved back to Los Santos. Under the instructions of her father, Violeta got an abortion.

About a year later, Violeta married David de la Rosa, a member of the Los Santos Vagos. Violeta died after a heroin overdose in 1996.

When Ricardo was 9 years old, he met Hector Martinez, his would-be best-friend in school. They both attended the same school ever since, and became great friends. While Hector went to study in a college, Ricardo joined the Los Santos Vagos.

Gangster lifeEdit

Ricardo became a full member of the Vagos in 2010. Ricardo's knowledge of cars made him one of the gangs trusted mechanics and spent most of the time customizing low-riders. Ricardo also briefly drove smuggled weapons drom the docks to a warehouse in La Mesa.

Ricardo also told Hector that he'd killed at least ten cops and successfully robbed 50 houses while intoxicated, though the actuality of this claims remains unknown.

Events of SLSEdit

Hector returns to Los Santos after completing his education, where he is re-introduced to the gang by his brother, Franco. Ricardo and Hector continued to work together, until Franco called Hector to do 'bigger jobs'.

Ricardo felt that Hector wasn't his friend anymore as he spent most of the time doing work for Franco. Though he had such feelings, he still supported Hector.


Ricardo de la Rosa learned from a fellow gangster, Jesus that Franco Martinez had allied himself with the Triads and the Kkangpae and planned to move to Vice City with the stolen money. Ricardo dictates Franco's plan to Hector, and they both confront Franco's right-hand man Carlos Vega. Carlos denied any involvement in the plan, but upon further investigation panicked and shot Ricardo two times in the chest before attempting to flee. Hector chased down Carlos, and then in his final breath, Carlos sput out Franco's plan.