Rerdi 'Red' Llovez (born April 6, 1954) is an Alconbrian politician and a member of the Alconbria People's Party, who has been the country's Minister of the Arts and Culture since 2012. She was a brigadier in the Military of Alconbria till her retirement in 2010. She is also a trained vorti, and one of the only two in the cabinet (the other being Luis Fernandez).

Born inn a pocilga north of Maherez, she along with her family were smuggled out to Guatemala in 1957. They moved to Mexico in 1959, and returned back to Altivebrio in 1974, to their hometown of Carfo. She joined the Organizo Rezizto el Alconbria as a volunteer in 1975, and received military-style training from 1977 till 1981 in Cuba. By 1984, she was working in the strategic operations department of the ORA. During the Alconbrian War of Independence began, she co-ordinated terrorist and guerilla attacks against Altivebrian civilians and the ADF in the non-ALC controlled territories of Altivebrio. After the groups were unified to a single army in 1987, she joined the Military of Alconbria as a Major. She served as the acting High Commissioner of Aurestryko from 1992 till 2000, and later as the Mayor of Gvonn from 2000 till 2004, and later joined the Military again in 2005, and served as a Brigadier. She was a commander during the Offensiv Ultim, in which the Military of Alconbria captured the Altivebrian city of Larcebola, and she is believed to have played a part during the 2007 Altivebrio massacres.


Llovez visiting Jimenez City, c.2015

After the war, she began to serve in the newly-established Alconbrian Armed Forces and trained new strategists. She retired in 2010, and began studying the Culture of Alconbria, and became a qualified vorti in 2011. She joined the Alconbria People's Party in 2011, and was appointed as the country's second Minister of Culture in 2012. She kept her job when the Staurakios government was in power in 2012, but still supported his removal. As Minister of Arts and Culture, she framed policies of increasing the society's attraction to the arts and culture, and wanted to spread the importance of the Alconbrian religions. She also set up state funded theaters, operas, fairs and shows to spread culture and arts in the country.


She also passed a bill which declared the "Malpuro religions" as preposterous and outlawed them. The Places of Worship Bill, 2013 which was passed unanimously called for the demolitions of Malpuro places of worship all over the state. She also called Malpuro Alconbrians as the "cancer of the state", and later apologized to cancer patients for comparing their disease to filthy Malpuros. She encouraged violence against Malpuros, and publicly commended nearly all of the Alconbrians who have attacked Malpuros. She encourages the Alconbrian colonies, and owns a ranch near Twelvia. After Operation Pugno, she enacted the Conquered Territories Culture Act, which declared that it was a mission of the state to destroy the cultures of the regions it captured. In a 2017 speech at Villa Marina, she said that it was a cultural right for an Alconbrian to dominate other 'low-lives', and called for systematic extermination of Malpuros. It was also reported that she killed over 30 Malpuros from 2010 till 2015, and starved her skloris to death.