Rega Armilaro Corporation
Type Government-owned corporation
Genre Defense Contractor
Founded 2000; 16 years ago
Founder Rubén Narváez
Headquarters RAC Building, Gvonn, Alconbria
Key people Eloisa Narváez (CEO)
Rubén Narváez (Chairman)
Area served Worldwide
Industry Defense
Product Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Radars, Guided Rockets, Small Arms, Boats, Satellites
Services Military
Revenue $19,000,000,000
Employees 9,000
Subsidiaries Oitsenema Energy Ltd.
Owner Government of Alconbria

The Rega Armilaro Corporation is an Alconbrian government-owned defense contractor and aerospace company. It is the second largest defence contractor for Alconbria, following the Alconbria Military Industries. The company was found in 2000, as a company to manufacture weapons to supply the Military of Alconbria during the Altivebrian Civil War.

70% of it's products are for the Alconbrian Armed Forces, while it's major export markets include China, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain and Libya.

The company has also developed several renewable energy projects across Alconbria, including creating South America's largest solarpanel cluster; as well as several windmill farms across the country. The company also started a desalination plant under it's subsidiary.

The company attracted international controversy after it forcefully acquired land belonging to the Mayan reservations in Alconbria, which was illegal as per the law. However, the government did not take any action regarding this, and mass protests were held by the Mayans across many cities in 2012. Secretary of State Laurel Copete did not authorize the use of force to supress the riots, leading the mass arrests of many of the protectors. Over 5,000 Mayans were imprisoned, and were subject to military laws rather than civilian laws. Fearing the military laws, the protests soon quietened.

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