The Rednecks are a collection of loose syndicates of the local Americans of rural Blaine County. They appear in Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online and GTAV's story DLC.


The Rednecks are a collection of loosely based rural crime groups scattered across Blaine County. As a result of this, they are one of the most largest gangs, in terms of members and territories. They are also racist and anti-immigrant, violently killing people whom they believed to be 'Mexicans' or illegal immigrants; but they still hold business alliances with the Ballas and often engage in off-road races with the members of other gangs.

The rednecks also act as vigilantes, coming to aid of anyone under attack. They are also not tolerant towards gun fire in their territories and attack on sight. The rednecks cultivate illegal and controlled plants in their farms at Grapeseed and earn money from selling them. It is also rumoured that they have the support of the local law enforcement and receive state sponsored funds.


Events of GTA OnlineEdit

A few of the rednecks were assigned to guard the Liquor Ace bar, which was owned by Trevor Philips; another local meth dealer. However, the bar gets attacked by Families mercenaries a meth van gets stolen. After this incident, they lose their partnership with Trevor.

The rednecks guard the Paleto sawmill, which was owned by the Ballas and was frequently attacked by the above mentioned mercenaries.

Several of the redneck strongholds are later attacked by the above mentioned mercenaries, though the Rednecks still managed to hold strong positions in Blaine County.

Events of GTA VEdit

Their former partner, Trevor Philips attacks them outside the Liquor Market, leading to a full-scale rampage. Most the the nearby rednecks were eliminated and Trevor left the spot, unharmed.

Larry Tupper, a violent methdealer and a member of the rednecks jumped bail and was later apprehended by Trevor and sent back to prison.

Trevor attacks and destroys the O'Neil brothers' meth lab and manages to eliminate all the brothers, striking a major blow to the supply of meth for the Rednecks.

Events of DLCEdit

The Rednecks haven't showed any significant growth till 2016. They still engage in their activities as they did during 2013. They were against the rise of Los Santos based gangs in drug dealing and would often attack members of the Kkangpae, Vagos, Aztecas and Ballas as soon as contact.

They still continued to have off-road races and boat races in 2016. In addition, they have established a secure boat pathway for the ease of transport across the Alamo Sea.

Their partnership with the Ballas was strengthened, and now aided the Ballas in the transport of drugs, which was often raided by the Los Santos Vagos.

Members & AssociatesEdit

  • Larry Tupper«» - Ranked member, arrested in 2013.
  • Elwood, Walton, Wynn, Ernie, Earl, Dale, Doyle, Daryl, Dan, Ned, Cletus, Dalton, Don, Larry, Chester O'Neil : The O'Neil brothers, drug suppliers- all deceased in 2013.
  • Trevor Philips‡ - Former partner


  • The Rednecks will turn hostile towards Hector Martinez if he wins any race with them. It is recommended to wear armour and escape the area as fast as possible.
  • Any vehicles driven by the Rednecks have Body Armour Upgrade 40% installed automatically.
  • The Rednecks can fire assault rifles while using motorcycles, though it isn't possible for any of the protagonists or other gangsters.
  • When in redneck territory, it is advised to look out for pick-up trucks that would run the player over in case they commit a crime.