Rav Feroski (Born 1927, age 89), widely known under the nickname Lanky Jack is an American serial killer who killed 24 Asian immigrants in 1958. Rav was caught in 1959, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He is currently serving his tenure in Bolingbroke Penitentiary in San Andreas. His total victim count reached 31.


Early lifeEdit

Rav Feroski was born the youngest of three in Carcer City sometime in 1927. Facing job insecurity, Rav Feroski's father moved to Liberty City in 1930. According to Rav's testimony, his father physically abused his wife and his children after returning drunk from work. Rav's mother passed away in 1937 after suffering from severe blood loss.

Rav's eldest brother joined the US Army and was called into service in 1939. He was 18 at that time. After he left, Rav's father and a couple of his friends then sexually assaulted Rav's 14 year old sister, and bet her to death. Rav ran away that following day, and got a job as a watchboy in Port Tudor. Rav's eldest brother died in the Battle of Monte Cassino.

Working careerEdit

A few years later, Rav got a job as a car mechanic in Tudor. According to Rav, in 1946 he joined a human trafficking ring based on Broker. He was manhandled by an Asian criminal one day, and from that, he grew to distaste Asians. By 1955, he earned enough money to start his own carpentry and furniture business. He moved to Grand Biscayne in Warcrest.

Rav's shop, Royal Furniture was a success, and Rav became the owner of his own apartment in 1956.


Rav returned to Liberty City in 1958. He drove his Vapid Slamvan to Broker in the night of Friday, February 14, 1958. He pulled up outside a Chinese motel, and opened fire with his Gusenberg Sweeper. His targets were primarily wealthy Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South East Asian and Indian immigrants. He fatally wounded 35 people and killed 7. From there, he also went into an Indian apartment and killed 12 people and wounded 10. He then got into his truck and set off to Chinatown, Algonquin.

He reached Chinatown at 11:23 PM. He opened fire on everyone, killing 5 people and wounding more than 50. He then sped away after he heard the police approaching. The police were unable to pursue him, and Rav fled the city, and according to him "resumed my normal life like nothing happened."

The Daily Blah listed casualties of his attack as 25 and reported that 50 were wounded fatally.

Investigation and arrestEdit

Police were unable to identify any suspects, and all the description given by the witnessess matched to 'tall, lanky man wearing all-black'. Rav then earned the nickname Lanky Jack.

Some witnesses identified him as Britsih male, while some speculated that he could be an African female. There were also reports of him talking in heavily accented Greek.

In 1959, a janitor notified the Warcrest City Police Department about weapons stored in Rav's apartment in Grand Biscayne and his erratically behaviour. Hank Walters also reported to the police that Rav Feroski often said that he would kill everyone, just like he did in Liberty last year while he was drunk in bars.

On March 9, 1959, Rav killed Hank Walters during a bar fight. The bartender said to the police that Rav broke 12 bottles on Hank's head, hit him on his groin and his head with the metal stool, and stamped his neck and face countless times, before biting Hank's nose and licking his dead eyes.

Rav attempted to flee, but had to stop after his car had ran out of gasoline. He was arrested by the WCPD outside his apartment in Warcrest. A police officer noted that Rav's car contained a lot of bottles of kerosene, ammunition cartridges, knives and novels relating to mass murderers.

Escape attemptEdit

Rav attemped to escape while being questioned at the police station in Chinatown. Rav shot down three constables, strangled and choked a radio operator and gorged out the eyes of the radio dispatcher. He beat the sergent to death with his own baton, and began devouring his corpse.

The nearby police station was warned, and six squad cars rushed to the Chinatown station. They noticed Rav standing by the window with two police service pistols. Rav opened fire on the cops, injuring two officers. Rav was shot in the arms, and then fell down to the ground. The police officers then handcuffed him and moved him to a high security lock-up awaiting trial.


―Rav, as he was dragged out of the court to the prison truck, 1959.

Rav was found guilty of murdering 6 police officers, injuring 2, killing 25 civilians and wounding upto 100 civilians in three different mass shootings. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He threatened everybody after his sentence was delivered, saying that he'd be back and eat their children.

As of 2016, he's held up in Bolingbroke Penitentiary in San Andreas for 57 years. He is known for frequently getting involved in brawls and is placed in maximum security. He won't be granted bail, or won't be released for good behavior.


  • The bar in which Rav killed Hank, the building housing Rav's apartment, the Chinese and Indian buildings in Broker and the places where Rav worked; all were demolished by 1976.
  • Rav never revealed his middle name. Neither did he reveal the names of his family members.
  • Rav's family background and ethnicity is unknown. Many people describe him as a multiple mixed race person.