Raul Arador, c. 2014

Raul Felix Arador (born September 6, 1966) is an Alconbrian educator and politician who is the country's third Minister of Education, assuming office on December 24, 2011.

Raul Arador was born in Avatoes in Altivebrio to the Alconbrian poet Francesco Arador and his wife, Mayte Arador a reporter of the Gazeto Koerte, Altivebrio's fist Alconbrian language newspaper. Arador was a member of Arporleber when the Third Altivebrian Civil War, but became a combat instructor in 1985. He was promoted to a Major in 1995. He wanted to educate the youth to create prevent a population 'full of idiots', and under his own expense, began opening schools in the Territory of Alconbria. In 1997, he became a member of the ruling society, and worked as an adviser for public education to Paul del Santé. From 2006, he too began taking some classes, and at the same time worked as an instructor in military academies.

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