Raquel Mjena Santiago (born 1 July, 1966) is an Alconbrian politician, who is the country's third Minister of Health, assuming office in 2011, and a member of the Alconbria People's Party as well as a senior member of the Gizerta Alconbrian Phrutos.

Raquel Santiago was born in Stuttgart, Germany to a German mother and an Alconbrian engineer. Just six years after her birth, their parents split and Raquel lived with her father and his sister in Munich. She graduated from the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich in 1991 in computer science, and worked as a military technician during the Alconbrian War of Independence.

She joined the Alconbria People's Party in 2008, and Prime Minister Joseph Allende appointed her as the Minister of Health shortly after Staurakios' government fell. As Health Minister, she continued Turey Mentrise's policy of rapid medical facilities building, and in 2013, all Alconbrian cities, towns and villages had at least two general hospitals and one specialist hospital. She also brought down the medical expenditure in the Metsarbarros from the total of 20% from Staurakios' government, to 2.1%.


In 2013, she introduced the Davol program, which aimed to give the Malpuro Alconbrians immunity to Eurasian diseases, in hope for better integration. Her decision was opposed by the GAP, as well as the AAP, but welcomed by the Native Party. Vaccination began shortly after the 2013 coup ended, but however Malpuro doctors discovered that the Davol vaccinations did not aim to prevent diseases, but sterlized young Malpuro children, and some even contained experimental drugs which were tested on the Malpuros. On the subsequent session of the Léialegis, Raquel confirmed that the program did not intend to vaccinate the Malpuros, but intended to sterilize them, and said that she worked with Minister of Medications Jordi Del Valle to test new drugs on the Malpuros. The Native Party protested against her, and called for her imprisonment, while the APP wanted her to continue the program. President Augustin Voimer used his executive powers to end the program, and ordered an investigation upon Jordi Del Valle and Raquel, and in the next month, both Jordi and Raquel payed §1 billion to the victims of the Davol program.

In 2011, she ordered the closure of 200 hospitals in the Metsarbarros, which constituted to about 98% of the total hospitals over there. In a TV interview, she stated that the Malpuros were getting healthcare, which they shouldn't, as she believed that only the Alconbrians are entitled to healthcare.

She lives in Gvonn, with her husband Troven Santiago, and they both have two children- Miguel and Prelva. Her net worth is estimated to be around §14 billion moneros.

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