R'inktan Iltvaz (1978 – 2012) was an Alconbrian politician, and a former member of parliament, representing the Native Party in the M 1007565 metsarbarro.

He was found dead in an alleyway in the town of Grenotiso, with 7 bullet wounds in his body. Investigation by the Opkerifforse concluded that he was killed by the members of the banned 3 Hontitl'an Ban'n. He was buried in the yard of his ancestral home in Klotez 12.

The Native Party and the United Party for Progression claim that R'inktan was murdered by the state's Minister of Industry, Susana Montejo. Both the government and Susana herself denied his claim. A video emerged showing Susana brutally killing Iltvaz in close range, but the Supreme Court dismissed it as 'forged non-sense'. Susana publicly accepted that she killed R'inktan in 2015, but was never arrested or charged with murder.

3 months after his death, the Iltvaz lost their Alconbrian citizenship, and were deported to Honduras, and their ancestral home was demolished. R'inktan's remains were exhumed, and burnt. The land was then transferred to Susana Montejo, and she planned to build a cottage there, but then sold it to the Department of Energy, and three windmills were erected there.

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