The President of Alconbria is the elected Head of State of the Federal State of Alconbria, and leads the executive branch of the Federal Government. The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Alconbrian Armed Forces.

The current President is Siegfried von Gutenberg.


The post of President was created in the February 2008 ALC General Meeting, intending to replace the position of the President of the Territory of Alconbria. The Cogs wanted the President to be a ceremonial role, and wanted the power to be vested onto the Prime Minister of Alconbria. Their motion was however not passed by the ALC despite having the support of Paul del Santé himself, who was nominated to post of Prime Minister by the cogs after he declared that he will be a non-partisan.

List of PresidentsEdit

PresidentPresidencyPartyPrime Minister
1. Paul del Santé 5 August, 2008 – 19 January, 2011 Independent Adolfo Machiavelli (as the Chief of Ministers)
2. Victor Staurakios 1 February, 2011 – 19 December, 2011 United Party Rafael Fuenmayor
3. Ernesto Titeriez 19 December, 2011 – 25 February, 2013 Alconbria People's Party Joseph Allende
4. Adolfo Machiavelli 26 February, 2013 Free Alconbria Party Joseph Allende
5. Augustin Voimer 26 February, 2013 – 19 July, 2029 People's Party Joseph Allende
John Roberts
Miguel Berrios
Enrique Morenz
Hidalgo Terrenz
6. Siegfried von Gutenberg 24 July, 2029 – Incumbent People's Party Augustin Voimer

Paul del SantéAdolfo MachiavelliVictor StaurakiosErnesto TiteriezAugustin Voimer