Most Powerful Alconbrians

  1. Augustin Voimer - President of Alconbria
  2. Joseph Allende - Prime Minister of Alconbria
  3. Lois Garza - Chief Minister of Alconbria
  4. Carlos Lluch - Chief of General Staff of the military
  5. Ernesto Titeriez - Leader of the Alconbria People's Party
  6. Claudia Delao - Secretary and Chairwoman of the Alconbria People's Party
  7. Fernando Cartonna - Minister of Security and Chief of Intelligence
  8. Argio Piuso - CEO of the Gizerta Alconbrian Phrutos
  9. Six Star Military Officers
  10. Five Star Military Officers
  11. Ferrinka Zavoyer - Governor of Norte Mutalio
  12. Governmental donors

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