Jack Nigaud (born 29 May, 1953 as Pierre-Jacques Nigaud; died 10 Octoer, 2016) was a French-American entrepreneur, former US Army Sergeant who served as the interim CEO of the private military company Praeda Corporation from 1988 till 1990 in lieu of the abduction of it's previous CEO Keith Bronsell, Jr..

Jack Nigaud was succeeded by Keith's son, Ronald Bronsell.

In 2010, Jack Nigaud became a victim of arm dismemberment and an acid attack.


On January 20, 2009, Finnish news-leaking website Tape that Shit released eavesdropped communications between Nigaud and Alonzo Nikiforous, the suspected leader of Organization X; the terrorist group which abducted Keith Bronsell, Jr.

Jack organized the abduction and kidnapping of Bronsell.

The leaks stated that Jack met with Alonzo in a hotel in Rome in 1987, where he gave away Keith's daily schedule, his security locations, copy keys to his house, along with several high powered standard issue Praeda weaponry and stealth equipment. The leaks also stated that Jack cancelled Keith's appointment with the a legal arms dealer and moved it to a garden party, and replaced all of Keith's personal staff and security with Praeda operatives who are suspected to be spies sent by Organization X.

Jack denied any involvement in the kidnapping, and stated that the leaks were 'untrue and were likely pre-organized by his enemies.' On January 30, in a Weazel News interview, Nigaud voiced his opinion that the so called leaks were delibrately leaked by Freddy Thighstrong as a measure to ensure Jack's dismissal from the executive board of Praeda. Freddy denied this allegations.

Freddy was killed the following day in a motor vehicle crash. Jack was arrested as a suspect, but was eventually released the next day. Victor Theodore, a close friend of Thighstrong was found dead in a hotel in Los Santos. Autopsy revealed that he was poisoned.

On February 19, Ronald Bronsell said in a press meet, that the 'so-called leaks' were false, and 'Jack is a good family friend; he'll never do such a unthinkable treacherous act of treason.'

In April of that year, the households of Freddy Thighstrong and Victor Theodore were ransacked, demolished and the all their family members were arrested by the Federal Investigation Bureau. In reality, Jack ordered this arrest, and the families were ordered to do hard labour and in December of the year were sold to slavers in Afghanistan.

On 14 February, 2010, Jack's right arm was slayed off by Howard Illhead. When the police managed to disarm Illhead, he managed to break free and splash Niguad's face with acid. Jack suffered a significant face disfiguaration, and never made a public appearance since that attack.

Illhead stated that attack was an 'act of vengeance' to the war crimes commited by Praeda and for personally avenging the families of Thighstrong and Theodore.