Widespread persecution of Alconbrians has occurred in Altivebrio and Guatemala since the beginning of the twentieth century, which has led to the Alconbrian War of Independence and the establishment of the Federal State of Alconbria.

The origin of the persecution is as early as 1890s, but it entered it's widespread and increased form during the rule of President of Altivebrio Ernesto Laczano and Vice President of Altivebrio Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola.

La LimpiezaEdit

The La Limpieza was a discriminatory programme created by Altivebrian Vice-President Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola for ethnic cleansing of the Alconbrians in Altivebrio. It began when the Exclusión de Alconbrians Act was passed in 1952, which excluded the Alconbrians from the main cities and moved them to ghettos in Northern Territory and Domomonstrojes. The scheme got plenty of support by the Altivebrian population, including the mestizos and the South Asians.

The Alconbrians were deprived of their suffrage rights in 1953, and the two Alconbrian dominated political parties were forced to dissolve. Alconbrians were also prevented to leave the country, and had their passports detained and burned.

In 1954, President Ernesto Laczano declared Alconbrians as 'Property of the Government', and were deprived of their civil rights. Through this, they also lost their rights to possess wealth and money, and their lights were forcibly converted to factories were Alconbrians were employed 24 hours without holidays. In 1955, it was declared illegal to establish hospitals or educational institutions in the Alconbrian territories. Over 200 Altivebrian doctors and teachers were arrested. The Altivebrian army shelled and destroyed the Ureuez City Central Hospital, the largest hospital in Altivebrio, constructed in 1901 to prevent the access of healthcare to the Alconbrians.

Alconbrians in 1958 were moved to military administered Pocilgas. In 1960, around 90% of the prisoners in Altivebrian prisoners were Alconbrians.

In 1960, Joeg del Vankingo unsuccessfully tried to pass the Exterminio de Alconbrians Act, which was vetoed by President David Matthew Gorez; fearing that Altivebrio would become the second Nazi Germany.

The La Limpieza ended in 1973, following the kidnapping and execution of Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola during the Alconbrian Revolt.

La Segundo LimpiezaEdit

The conflict began shortly after newly elected President Felipe de Curtis announced in 1984, that Alconbrian-speaking people had to pay an inhabiting tax, along with a rise in their income taxes, and later Altivebrio closed it's borders to the Alconbrians, preventing them from seeking refuge in their neighbouring countries, especially Mexico. The situation worsened when the Legiones de Pureza massacred 1,400 Alconbrians in Puerto Pedro on New Years' Day, 1984.

The Second Limipieza led to the Altivebrian Civil War, which after 24 years of fighting, led to the creating of the independent state for the Alconbrians, namely the Federal State of Alconbria.

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