Perfection Pier is a large pier located in the neighbourhood of Central Beach. Perfection Pier serves as one of the major tourist destinations of the Courby district, and houses the Perfection Pier Park; a world-famous amusement park inaugurated in 1956.

The pier is famous for it's bright colours during the night, matching the similar vibe of the Central Beach neighbourhood.

The pier was constructed around 1891 by the Jambrook brothers. It was initially called Jambrook Pier. After the Pleasure Pier was demolished in 1901 after requests from the local billionaires, the City Planning Department purchased the pier from the then owner, Juan Cortez VI for approximately 2 million dollars (adjusted). The pier enlargement project soon began in 1904. On October 1 1905, the pier was destroyed by protesters against the Immigrants Bill. All projects were then halted.

After the victory of the First World War, new projects began to rise. The pier was officialy lenghtened and a strip mall was added and it opened to visitors on April 2, 1919. The Dream Foundation acquired the pier to construct an amusement park, but then sold the pier back to the Juan Cortez VI. Cortez then refurbished the pier for 500 thousand dollars, and it re-opened as a shopping strip in 1921.

The CPD repurchased the pier for 10 million dollars, subjecting to a lot of controversy. The CPD then tripled the rents, and by 1929, the shops were making huge profits.

Shortly before United States entered the Second World War, the nearby Fortside Beach Strip Mall was demolished after the beach was turned private. In 1940, the beach was closed to the public was occupied by the techinal team of the military, and subsequently classified military equipment were installed in the pier. The pier remained closed to the public even after the war and the army vacated the pier only in 1950. In 1951, the strip malls were relocated to support the development of the newly formed Central Beach. The construction for a new amusement park began by 1952. The pier peaked at 500,000 visitors per 6 months in 1954, and after the Perfection Pier Park was opened in 1956, the pier had 2 million visitors per 6 months in 1956. In 2015, there were 10.3 million visitors to the pier.