The People's Revolutionary Army (Spanish : Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo) was a Marxist revolutionary leftist guerrilla organization active in Altivebrio from 1923 till 1926. They were led by Premier General Rudo Ernesto Vilvente, and Demento Gorez.

The guerrilla movement attempted an insurgency in the province of Demistoca, and successfully captured the city of Alcraxo and it's neighbouring town, Mentesio in 1923, announcing their war against the Government of Altivebrio. Shortly thereafter, they massacred 90 'capitalists' in Alcraxo. On 3 August, 1924, they unsuccessfully tried to takeover the government of the country by marching an army towards the government centre in Nuevo Seville. Following this, they killed 72 Altivebrian police officers and captured military personnel in retaliation for their lost members.

They ran a socialist economy in their controlled territories, but it wasn't successful after the Altivebrian government prevent goods from flowing in and out of their territory. Unsatisfied, the citizens of Mentesio and Alcraxo went into a strike, which was brutally suppressed by the ERP.

In 1925, they attacked the Altivebrian Revolutionary Army, attempting to take advantage of the Gorel War. The Mexican Army initially sided with them, but broke of the truce after the PRA attempted to begin an insurgency in the Mexican city of Balancan. After Altivebrio and Mexico brokered a temporary ceasefire to refill and rebuild, the PRA attacked the city of Gorel hoping to gain control of the Gorel lake. This attack broke the ceasefire between the Mexicans and the Altivebrians, and the Altivebrian army resumed fighting, attacking and killing the PRA and the weakened Mexicans, turning the course of war.

The PRA lost over 800 troopers, and stopped their insurgent activity, changing their insurgent army into a security force due to lack of funding and weapons. In late 1925, President Miguel de Odeo began a military campaign to retake Alcraxo and Mentesio, and managed to defeat the leftist guerrillas in 1926. Rudo Vilvente committed suicide, along with the other hundreds of the administration, while Alconbrian socialist Demento Gorez was imprisoned for life, till his death in 1953.

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