Brigadier General Pedro Santiago Héon Herrara (8 August, 1870 – 13 September, 1939) was an Altivebrian politician and military general who served as the Marinerpadreasesror and Interior Minister of Altivebrio from 1924 till his execution during the Dark Wednesday.

Herrara joined the Altivebrio Revolutionary Army in 1890, and manned artillery till 1893, when he was transferred as a front line soldier. He received the Oro Lobo from President Benito Portillo in 1895, after his efforts of successfully suppressing the 1895 Gvonn riots. He was subsequently promoted to a squad captain, and to a battalion commander in 1899 after the victory at the Battle of Cayos de San Marino in the Altivebrio-Cuba War.

He was promoted to Brigadier General and achieved numerous awards in 1904. He acquinted himself with Miguel de Odeo, whom he first met in 1895, and in 1909, they both found the Legiones de Pureza militant organization.

After President Antonio de la Vega's death in 1924, Odeo and Herrara blackmailed the parliament into giving them total power over Altivebrio in the name of establishing stability in the country. The parliament unanimously agreed with the decision, and Miguel de Odeo assumed Presidency with Air Force General Aguilar Montoya as the Vice President, while Herrara was given the position of the Interior Minister and the Marinerpadreasesror, making him the second most powerful man in Altivebrio.

Miguel de Odeo stepped down and established his puppet, Javier Larrocha of the Revolutionary Party as the President, concluding his 'peace keeping mission', while Herrara still held the position of Marinerpadreasesror and several of the cabinet ministers were politicians who were also military officers.

Fascist military commander Bartolomé Tirano created the Fascist Party which got a lot of supporters, and seized power in 1939. Herrara publicly opposed and ridiculed him after the failure of his first coup earlier that year, and personally issued a warrant for Tirano's arrest. Several LDP members unsuccessfully tried to assassinate Tirano sometime after, preventing the police from arresting him. The day before Tirano's second coup, Herrara was betrayed by his closer associates, and the Altivebrian Revolutionary Army, now mostly under Tirano's control arrested Herrara, and held him hostage for a month, and killed him during Dark Wednesday.

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