The Organizo de Liveri Egaleco was a protest group in Altivebrio founded in 1895, and demanded equal rights for the Alconbrian people living in Altivebrio.

In 1897, then President of Altivebrio Benito Portillo declared the organization illegal, and on 18th December, 1897 he ordered the arrest of the 1000 or so OLE members and executed them in the Benito Square, Gvonn. Even after the sad event, the organization still continued to function underground, and in 1900, formed it's own militant wing led by Rretid Felfer. President Bernardo Reyez made the part legal again in 1920, and the OLE became a political party in 1924, and contested in the 1924 Altivebrian presidential elections, and it's candidate Elner Vetteriez won 20.3% of the votes. The OLE was against Miguel de Odeo's seizure of power, and protested against his rule.

After the fascist takeover of power in 1939, the OLE became illegal like every other political party except the Fascist Party of Altivebrio. However, nearly all of the OLE joined the Fascist Party.

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