The Opkerifforse is the official gendarmerie of Alconbria, and one of the six law enforcement agencies of the country. It was founded in 1984 following the Battle of Guzmanacamparo. As of 2016, it has over 900,000 active personnel tasked in riot control, peace-keeping, border security and providing law-enforcement in the Conquered Territories.

Beginning from 2010, it began assisting the Border Security Force in counter-terrorism in the conquered territories and in the metsarbarros. The Opker also provides security to parliament members and cabinet ministers. Politicians and important civilians can request a Opker protection while trans-versing through the metsarbarros (normal citizens get the BSF protection).

Along with the other law enforcement agencies of Alconbria, their effectiveness has earned international acclaim, but also criticism that it aides the government's authoritarianism. They are widely regarded as a paramilitary law-enforcement organization. In 2010, following accusations of extrajudicial killings of the minorities, the Opkerifforse's jurisdiction in the metsarbarros was revoked, and given to the Border Security Force, but even as of 2016, there is a heavy Opker presence in the said metsarbarros. A report released by the Human Rights Commission said that the Opker have detained over 2,000 people from 2010, though they are not allowed to by Alconbria's amended laws.

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