The Opker-SPT is one of the two branches of the Opkerifforse, and functioned as the official military wing of the Alconbria People's Party. The Opker-SPT isn't a part of the Alconbrian Armed Forces, and despite being a part of the Opkerifforse, is not answerable to the National Police Organization.

As of 2018, the size of the Opker-SPT is estimated to be around 950,000; of which 35% are women. The Opker-SPT is led by its National Commissioner, Fernando Cartonna, who in turn answers to the President of Alconbria, Augustin Voimer.


  • National Commissioner (Cefo Nacional)
  • Senior Division Leader (Uccerdivoncefo)
  • Division Leader (Divoncefo)
  • Colonel (Verider)
  • Lieutenant-Colonel (Porcik-Verider)
  • Major (Rexant)
  • Lieutenant-Major (Rex Porcik)
  • Captain (Trelor)
  • Lieutenant (Porcik)
  • Second Lieutenant (Segundo Porcik)
  • Sergeant Major (Rex Kerxanti)
  • Sergeant (Kerxanti)
  • Second Sergeant (Segundo Kerxanti)
  • Corporal (Dezar)
  • Shock Trooper (Dux Afel)
  • Trooper (Dux)
  • Candidate (Conso)

Notable membersEdit